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Lou's positive induction experience

I was sent for an extra scan at 34 weeks due to my bump measuring big to be told I have polyhydramnios and baby was estimated weighing 7 1/2lbs. At our 36 week appointment, baby was estimated weighing 8lb 9oz and so they decided an induction would be safest due to the high levels of fluid, his estimated size, baby being tachycardic and the risk of cord prolapse.

At 37+1 I had my first sweep where I lost my bloody show but nothing more came of it. At 37+3 I had another but except for my cervix being softer, not much else happened. I had a 3rd sweep at 35+5 and this time was told my cervix was 2cm dilated and she could easily break my waters so hoped I'd not require the pessaries for induction.

At 38 weeks I went into hospital for the induction but baby was not playing ball, one minute his heart rate was bobbing along, then it shot to 210bpm before he decided to kick the monitor off and disappear for about 5 minutes.

Later that evening baby decided he would play ball and the monitor showed his heartrate was much better, still erratic but he recorded a massive 186 movements in 25 mins so not surprising his heart rate was increased at times, the midwife said she'd never seen as many movements before! She examined me and confirmed I definitely didn't need the pessary so was put straight on the list for my waters to be broken on delivery.

The following morning during observations, the midwife panicked that baby had gone transverse as neither she nor the midwife in charge could feel baby's head. They requested a scan and a consultant and registrar came to conduct it. Although neither of them could palpate baby's head, the scan showed he was head down and waters were bulging. Therefore the registrar said that due to the level of fluid, she will break my waters rather than a midwife so if emergency intervention was required, she would be there.

Later that afternoon I got the okay that a bed was available and I was off to the delivery suite and my husband was able to join. However, again when they did my obs they still couldn't palpate baby's head but as it was the same registrar that scanned us earlier, she was happy to go ahead.

I went from waters breaking and drip being started at 4pm to being in established labour by 7pm. At this point I was 4cm and the drip was on maximum. I continued to cope with each surge with focused breathing and finding my own zen but by 10pm requested gas and air. I didn't really feel much affect of the gas and air unfortunately except for towards the end of each contraction but I think it was a good distraction. However, by 11pm I was desperate for something to take the edge off but when they examined me, I was 8cm and decided as the end was in sight, I could make it through the final stretch without further intervention. I bounced on the ball for the next half hour but as baby was back to back, decided I'd be more comfortable leaning on the back of the bed rest. I felt the urge to push and within about 10 mins he was here! Little tyke though had both arms in front of his face like a boxer which was rather sore but the relief that he was here soon made me forget!

T was born at 00:03 on 19th May 2020. Though he was expected to be 10lbs, he was actually born 8lb 10oz. Despite being extremely anxious about the prospect of an induction, I must say having a lockdown baby was actually a very positive experience and much better than my first, which I put a lot down to the fantastic pregnancy yoga including practicing breathing techniques and remembering positive affirmations so a huge thank you to Jo and the other yoga mamas!

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