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Pregnant woman standing in kitchen with her young child at her feet. She's smiling and wearing a striped dress, she has long dark hair in a plait.

Why Choose Us?

Experience, qualifications, reputation and quality.

We have over 50 years of antenatal teaching experience between us.


We have been well established in Worcestershire for ten years. Four years as a Community Interest Company, now as a newly formed charity.

Primarily, in our Becoming Families roles we are all highly qualified in the field of adult education. Each antenatal teacher has studied at university (DipHEs), ensuring that we bring you unrivaled class facilitation. Teaching adults is not about filling you with our professional knowledge, we really understand how adults learn. We're complex beasts!

Secondary to this, we all work/worked in the healthcare arena. Midwives, physio, nurse, breastfeeding support worker and specialist perinatal family support practitioner. We understand the health system, how it works, its flaws and its triumphs!

All of our teaching is evidence based. We do not draw on our own experiences of birth/parenting.

Our services have been needs driven. We do not create services to sell, we create services to support you. If there is no demand for a service at any particular time we let it simmer on a back-burner. When those services are required, we reignite them!

We don't feel it's necessary to run "socials" as part of our antenatal course offering, we find it hard to fit in the absolute basics into 12 hours! Our antenatal educators understand theories of group formation and facilitate plenty of opportunities for you to get to know each other. Many of our families continue to be part of each others' lives for years and years to come as they traverse the ongoing journey of parenthood.

You won't see us doing reels or TikTok! Why? It is our endeavor to distance ourselves from consumerism and to stand by our core values. We understand how the "noise" of social media can add to mental health difficulties, so we only try to share interesting evidence based information with you and to pass on important organisation information.  

Continuity - some of our facilitators/teachers work across multiple services, enabling you to have some continuity. A familiar face and somebody you feel like you already know.

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