Antenatal Courses

Course Dates

January & February 2022 Babies

Fully Booked

Tuesday Evenings from
 November 9th to December 14th

Fully Booked

4 x Thursday Evenings from
 November 4th to 25th
Saturday 4th December 10am-2pm

March & April 2022 Babies

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Tuesday Evenings from
 January 11th to February 15th

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Thursday Evenings from
 January 13th to February 15th

Six Week Course

Labour, Birth and Transition to Parenthood 


A comprehensive course covering all you need to know to prepare for labour, birth, early days with your baby and becoming parents.  Facilitated by experienced educators, including a midwife and postnatal specialist.

labour and birth physiology (what happens in labour)

coping skills

pain relief

common interventions

making informed choices

birth place choices

postnatal recovery

practical baby care skills

life with a new baby

Cost £160.00* (pregnant mum plus partner).

Spaces strictly limited so early booking is advisable!

The Woodpecker, Evesham Road, WR7 4QL


Email: to book.

We run an additional workshop to support those who are choosing to breastfeed.  Details here.

The course was really informative and the videos were really useful. I definitely feel much more prepared for birth and having a newborn. My husband also found the course really useful and he feels a lot more confident about supporting me during labour. Highly recommend!!!

Weekend Intensive Course

Labour & Birth and Transition to Parenthood

One Day Workshop

Preparation for Labour and Birth 

This 6-hour (weekend) workshop is designed to meet the needs of the group.  Common topics include:


  • labour and birth physiology (what happens in labour)

  • coping skills

  • pain relief

  • common interventions

  • making informed choices

  • birth place choices


Cost £110.00 pregnant mum plus partner

Half Day Workshop

Transition to Parenthood/Early Days 

​This 4-hour (weekend) workshop explores a range of issues to help couples prepare for parenthood:

Typical topics include:

  • post natal recovery

  • the Fourth Trimester / understanding your baby

  • what to expect in the early days

  • parenting styles and choices

  • practical baby care skills (bathing, nappies, safe sleep)

  • postnatal emotional wellbeing

Cost £80.00 pregnant mum plus partner

Refreshments provided but please bring your own lunch!

The Woodpecker, Evesham Road, WR7 4QL

Email: to book.

2022 Course Dates

Keep checking website for additional courses.  Dates landing soon!

One to Ones

​These tailor made sessions are perfect if you are a shift worker, have other regular commitments or just wish to learn in a more intimate environment.  These are offered at a convenient time for you, dependent on availability.

Typical content is:

  • labour and birth physiology (what happens in labour)

  • coping skills

  • pain relief

  • common interventions

  • making informed choices

  • birth place choices


But you can add in or leave out anything you wish!

We would advise that three sessions are required for a comprehensive birth and early parenting preparation course but we can be flexible to meet your needs and budget.

Cost £50 per 2-hour session during a weekday, £60 per 2-hour session during the evening or at the weekend. There may be an additional cost to cover travel outside of Worcester.

Email: to book.  Travelling time and fuel costs are applied on an individual basis.


Our traditional face to face antenatal courses have returned!  We have decided to continue to limit numbers for thw comfort and safety of our attending parents.​

In the event of a return to restrictions in the coming months, please see below for details of how we will facilitate our antenatal courses virtually.

What do you get in our virtual antenatal courses?

Our virtual course is designed to meet the needs of the majority of expectant parents during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We create a Facebook group for you to join up with a group of parents with a similar estimated due date.

...each week, we post videos in the Facebook group exploring all you need to know about labour, birth and the transition to parenthood. 


We encourage the group to make observations, ask questions, interact with each other below each teaching video. Throughout the week, we answer them and are generally always around for you to reach out to.

We post numerous extra evidence based resources for you to refer to as well.

Unlike traditional face to face courses, our resources are still there and easy to access when you have your bundles of joy in your arms.  A huge bonus over traditional classes!

You can "tune in" whenever you want to and once a week, we hold a "get together" via Zoom to discuss the content, to strengthen relationships with the other group members and generally touch base with each other.

We organise a postnatal get together when all of your babies have arrived.

What we are unable to offer you are top notch video productions!  We are a small not for profit organisation that does not have much in the way of camera resources.  Our video content is fantastic and comes with a very organic feel!  We made some of them during a time of not being able to escape our own families during the Covid-19 isolation.  Our teenage children and pets sometimes make a guest appearance.  It adds to the organic nature of what we're about!

You have ongoing support from us all, wherever you are in your pregnancy or parenthood journey.

Check out our Becoming Families reviews on Facebook.

Cost £140 per pregnant person plus partner/supporter (lone parents welcome!) and includes our ongoing support and help from now until.... whenever you don't need us any more! 

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