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Sleepy Baby

Amazing Babies is our BRAND NEW course bringing together a wealth of knowledge from current research into infant development and mental health.

The course takes place in a closed Facebook group of pre-recorded videos and other content, which you will be guided through week by week.  The course is supported by live Zoom sessions for discussion and an opportunity to meet other new parents on the course. One of the benefits of running the course in this format is that a second parent or caregiver, can access the content too, even if they are unable to attend the Zoom sessions.

Over the 6 weeks, the course will cover:

  • your baby's experiences in the womb, their transition to earthside and the fourth trimester

  • understanding your baby's cues through Brazelton's infant states

  • attachment theory

  • the truth about infant sleep

  • what makes your baby unique; infant temperaments and unique experiences

  • looking forward

The focus of the course is very much on applying the knowledge we have about babies to your baby(ies), to help you understand your baby better and support your growing relationship.

Please enquire about our next course dates.


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