What do you get in our virtual antenatal courses?

You get the same incredible amount of knowledge from our expert team, but just not based in the classroom environment.  We offer over 50 years of combined teaching experience, with the team comprising of specialists including a postnatal specialist, midwives and a breastfeeding expert.  You can see us in the "About Us" section above.

We create a Facebook for you to join up with a group of parents with a similar estimated due date.

We facilitate discussions so that you get to meet each other, just like we would traditionally.

Each week, we post videos exploring all you need to know about labour, birth and the transition to parenthood, just like we would traditionally. 


We encourage the group to make observations, ask questions, interact with each other below each teaching video. Throughout the week, we answer them and are generally always around for you to reach out to.

We post numerous extra evidence based resources for you to refer to as well.

Unlike traditional face to face courses, our resources are still there and easy to access when you have your bundles of joy in your arms.  A huge bonus over face to face classes!

You can "tune in" whenever you want to and once a week we hold a "get together" via Zoom to discuss the content, to form a relationship with the other group members and generally touch base with each other.

We organise a postnatal get together when all of your babies have arrived (assuming that Covid-19 is a thing of the past).

What we are unable to offer you are top notch video productions!  We are a small not for profit organisation that does not have much in the way of camera resources.  Our video content is fantastic and comes with a very organic feel!  We made some of them during a time of not being able to escape our own families during the Covid-19 isolation.  Our teenage children and pets sometimes make a guest appearance.  It adds to the organic nature of what we're about!

You have ongoing support from us all, wherever you are in your pregnancy or parenthood journey.

Check out our Becoming Families reviews on Facebook to see what people think of them

and more reviews here when we were formerly known as Birth Choices Worcs 

Cost £120 per couple and includes a 2-hour postnatal get-together with your babies.

Terms and conditions:

No content may be shared or published elsewhere.

*Our Pricing Policy

We endeavour to keep prices for clients as low as we can, while ensuring we cover the costs of providing our services in a sustainable way.  As such, prices may fluctuate periodically. Please refer to website for current prices.

Our pricing structure ensures that we are able to offer reduced rates to those on income assessed benefits.  Please speak to us in confidence if you would like to arrange flexible payment terms.

Profits made from any of our services are used to provide our postnatal emotional support group, reduced rate places and services to benefit all.

Refund Policy

Refunds can only usually be given if you cancel no later than 2 weeks before the course start date, unless we are able to fill your space. Refunds, unfortunately, cannot be issued after the course start date if you are unable to attend all or part of the course