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Baby Massage

- Birthlight Baby Nurture


Come and learn how to massage your baby in our beautiful intimate venue at:

The Woodpecker

Evesham Road




Our Birthlight Baby Nurture classes also include some gentle stretching and movement for you, to aid healing, and ensure that you are not neglecting self-care in the postnatal period.  Classes last around an hour to an hour and 15 minutes, with time for coffee and chat after.


£54 for a 6-week course.



Our baby massage courses are returning to face-to-face from the week commencing April 19th 2021.

Limited availability, please email us to book!

In Our online baby massage course remains available.

What do you get in our online baby massage course?

Our online baby massage course is presented in a closed Facebook Group and consists of a series of instructional videos, where you will learn a full baby massage routine.  More than that, you will benefit from Jo's expertise and many years of experience working with new parents and babies, to develop a deeper understanding of your baby's cues, communication, temperament and needs.

One huge benefit of doing our online baby massage course ​is that the content is there for you to access at a time to suit you and your baby - and, unlike in a live online class or traditional face to face class, you can even pause the class to feed, settle or change your baby!

A further benefit is that both parents can do it together, not often an option with daytime, weekly classes.

Joining the group also gives you the opportunity to chat and have discussions within the group with other members.  While not facilitated at all times, Jo will regularly check in to pick up any questions or discussion topics and will encourage group members to interact if they wish.

The videos are home-made so don't expect top-notch video recording or high resolution quality and please forgive the occasional household sound like a kettle boiling or a barking dog!  We are confident that the content will make up for the organic feel!

COST We are asking for a donation of £15.00 (or whatever you can afford/wish to pay) which will go towards funding some of our postnatal wellbeing services.  This can be made into our account if you are booking another course with us, or directly into our JustGiving Appeal. 

Please email to book


Please note that discounted and subsidised rates or payment plans are available for all our courses on a needs basis. Please speak to us in confidence if your financial circumstances would otherwise stop you attending.

*Our Pricing Policy

We endeavor to keep prices for clients as low as we can, while ensuring we cover the costs of providing our services in a sustainable way.  As such, prices may fluctuate periodically. Please refer to website for current prices.

Our pricing structure ensures that we are able to offer reduced rates to those on income assessed benefits.  Please speak to us in confidence if you would like to arrange flexible payment terms.

Profits made from any of our services are used to provide our postnatal emotional support group, reduced rate places and services to benefit all.

Refund Policy

Refunds can only usually be given if you cancel no later than 2 weeks before the course start date, unless we are able to fill your space. Refunds, unfortunately, cannot be issued after the course start date if you are unable to attend all or part of the course