Emotional Wellbeing Support


One to One Emotional Wellbeing Support

Early Days Home Visits

The early days at home can be magical, but often feel challenging and overwhelming, sometimes all at the same time!  We offer a home visit to those who feel they would benefit from talking about how they feel, or just "checking in" with a friendly face (and a familiar one if you've attended our antenatal classes).

These visits are facilitated by Jo Lederer, an experienced antenatal teacher and postnatal wellbeing support practitioner with many years experience of listening to and supporting parents across the transition to parenthood.

What might a home visit include?

A home visit will be completely tailored to your needs. You may find that just one visit is all you need, or you may choose to have a number of visits to support you as you negotiate your way through a challenging period.  You may need to talk about something specific that is troubling you, or you may want to talk very generally about how you're feeling. 

Some of the common areas we support with are: difficult or traumatic birth experiences, low confidence, anxiety, low mood, bonding difficulties, understanding your baby(ies), signposting/referring to specialist services.

Birth Reflections


Birth, feeding and early parenting experiences can be challenging.  For some, the experience leaves them feeling hurt, confused, disappointed, numb, anxious, traumatised.  We can offer a birth reflections session to mums and dads/partners who feel they would benefit from telling their story, being listened to, and supported in reflecting on what happened and how they feel.

Talking can really help.

Please note that this not a clinical birth debrief or a trauma treatment. Please ask your midwife, health visitor or GP if you feel you need more specialist support. We can talk to you about these options.

Fourth Trimester Support


There can be a lot of information and advice coming your way as a new parent! This can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, adding to the anxieties that caring for a new baby already brings. We can talk with you about current, evidence-based information and support you in finding your own way with your baby(ies).  This can include a Brazelton Newborn Behavioural Observation, which is a wonderful way to learn about your baby and ways to best support them.

Please note we do not offer medical advice. Please contact your midwife, health visitor or GP with any questions or concerns.


For breastfeeding support specifically, please contact your breastfeeding support worker




visit www.worcs-postnatal.co.uk/breastfeeding-support for sources of support

Home visits are offered on a "pay what you can afford" basis.
A suggested contribution of £30 per visit enables us to continue to offer the service and ensures we can support parents who cannot afford to pay, but there is no obligation.
Home visits are dependent upon availabilty.

As a not-for-profit company, we rely heavily on donations and funding to run our postnatal support services. To make a donation, please click the link below. Thank you!